Fitness at Familux Resort The Grand Green

Experience unparalleled fitness and wellness comfort at the Familux Resort The Grand Green, nestled in the picturesque Thuringian Forest.

Fitness The Grand Green

Fitness at Familux Resort The Grand Green

At the Familux Resort The Grand Green, fitness enthusiasts and relaxation seekers will find a true paradise. Our fitness area is equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, offering you the opportunity to conduct your training at the highest level. The fitness room is distinguished not only by its excellent equipment but also by the unparalleled view over the Thuringian Forest. This inspiring view provides additional motivation and makes your workout a special experience.


Fitness and Activity Classes

In addition to the fitness room, our Active Studio offers a diverse range of courses. Here you can participate in professionally led classes such as HIT Training, Yoga, Fascia Training, TRX, Pilates, Mobility Training, and Abs, Legs, and Butt. These courses are ideal for improving physical fitness, strengthening muscles, and simultaneously providing relaxation and balance. In the pool, our Aqua Fit classes offer joint-friendly full-body workouts. Our qualified trainers design the courses to be varied and tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that both beginners and advanced participants get their money’s worth. When no classes are taking place, you can independently use the Vaha mirror and the TV with Apple Fitness Plus in the Active Studio. Yoga blocks, mats, and gymnastic balls are also available here.

Personal Training

Personal Training with Sport Luck

Whether taking the first steps towards more well-being or seeking new impulses for your fitness training, Nils, our personal trainer, tailors the session with nutritional recommendations and an individual training plan specifically to your needs. After a thorough medical history and goal discussion, Nils develops an efficient training routine. Everything is possible: muscle building, fat reduction, pain relief, back school, or increased mobility. Private training at The Grand Green is more than just fitness; it is your balance to demanding family life.


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