Our Wellness-Kinderhotel in Oberdorf, Thuringia

“When considering wellness facilities in a Kinderhotel, you need to give creativity free-reins and allow for the unconventional.”
Says hotel owner Ernst Mayer, who is an expert of over 30 years in Kinderhotels with wellness facilities in Austria and Germany.

We firmly believe a hotel can both be designed for families and offer superior wellness and fitness facilities at the same time. Thanks to meticulous planning and detailed equipment, we are able to bring many different needs under one roof and in our children’s hotel. With our luxurious and comprehensive wellness offering we provide the best possible foundation for the physical and mental well-being of our small and large guests alike.

Kinderhotel wellness offerings

Our range of wellness activities includes tried and tested techniques and treatments, as well as new preventative and regenerative approaches. Classic massages bring harmony to the body and soul, as do relaxing rituals from the Far East.

Wellness with children

Upon arrival at our wellness Kinderhotel, families can literally take a dive into a delightful world of well-being. Our wellness oasis offers rest and relaxation for the whole family.

Swimming & bathing area

“Dive in, dive under and resurface relaxed” is the motto in our Kinderhotel swimming pool area. The 100 meter long tube water slide with special effects is the highlight of our pool area.

Sauna facilities

Our relaxing sauna world is reserved for our adults guests only (from 16 years old). Parents and children can enjoy the family sauna together, with swimwear.

Wellness offers

In the relaxing spa of The Grand Green our wellness specialists are at your service with treatments, peelings, wraps, massages, cosmetic and beauty treatments, children’s wellness offers and other spa rituals.

Intimacy & togetherness in the private spa

Experience intimate moments with your partner with one of our specialty spa treatments, taking place in one of our private spa suites. Allow the relaxing ambiance and refined treatments soothe you. Permit yourself this precious time for just the two of you, with the gentle steam bath and all kinds of delicious culinary treats. Even in a family hotel there is room for some adults-only moments!

Exercise with Technogym

Anyone looking to tone up their muscles after so much relaxation can do a session in the gym. Our fitness room is fitted with high-end Technogym equipment and qualified advisors are available to help you out.


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